Cherry Blossoms!!–Engagement Session

Arrived at the FDR Memorial at 6:30 a.m. last Sunday for an 8 a.m. engagement session. Having an hour and change to kill, I decided to shoot some scenics. Walking towards the FDR Memorial, I couldn’t help but notice that I was not alone. Who wakes up early Sunday morning to see the blossoms? Well, everybody.

By the time I got there, finding a spot to put my tripod was challenging, to say the least. Amazing–the quantity of professional cameras just waiting to catch the sunrise behind the Jefferson. Here are some pics I managed to get after clawing my way through the crowd. Thanks, Nita and Steve, for keeping your cool under the watchful gaze of the masses.





Lalla 0106

Lalla 0090

Lalla 0068

Lalla 0119

Lalla 0080

Lalla 0075

Lalla 0073

Lalla 0127

Lalla 0135

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